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Jinali Shah  I just joined the business two months back. One main problem I face is that I am afraid of voicing my opinion to my relatives, friends and even sometimes to my parents. Basically to anyone that is close to me. I know that nobody can stop me from expressing myself, but yet I am unable to. This makes it difficult for me when dealing with people especially when inviting them to the business,  but with the help and counseling of my uplines, I have improved. I would appreciate it if you could guide me with this.

Dato Vijay Eswaran

Dato' Vijay answers..

DVE: Jinaliji, I will tell you exactly the same thing that your uplines will tell you. All these people who are detracting you are referred to in networking terminology as 'fame stealers'. Every successful person in life has faced them. In fact, they continue to encounter them on a daily basis. Detractors basically are people who cannot and will not help you improve yourself, but who are always willing to criticise whatever needs to be done or whatever you need to do.
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