Some of you signed up for the Save Betty project at the zone, that required you to commit to 21 days of vegetarianism. I wanted to see how many of you can keep it up and how many of you will give me feedback. Unfortunately, only one person seems to have kept their end of the bargain.


But, as I have always said, if I can make a difference in only one person's life, then my job here is done. Thank you Osama for your feedback.

Feedback from Osama Elamin

- Successfuly completed the committement on 21 days cycle by Aril 3, as mentioned earlier in total its 36 days of Non Stop, started since Feb 27 during ISB & The Zone (for 15 days) and continued (for another 21 days) after The Zone as of Mar 14 up to Apr 3.

I took this commitement for the following reasons :
- To maintain the self descipline to continue being in The Zone, getting out of the comfort Zone to develop the habit of check and balance remaining in The Zone.
- During ISB & The Zone for 15 days it was not optional, that's why I continued for more 21 days optionaly for the purpose of self descipline.
- Taking the Vegetarianism committement was mainly for descipline and remaining in The Zone to develop the consistency & has nothing to do with unti violence, due to my religious believe.

Thanks for Dato Seri & Chief who helped me face this challenge successfuly.

Best Regards
God Bless

VC/Osama H. Elamin
Zone 1,2 & 3 Graduate