The reason you got an invitation to the Zone is because of your relationship with me.

When you are sick, you are alone, when you die, you are alone. You wake up alone, you go to bed alone.  Life is a very personal journey. You in your journey want to do something about being better. You need to understand why you were born, why and how you can make a difference. And therein lies the reason you are here.

It is my personal commitment to each and every one of you. I’ve gone through this journey. I do this because I wish there was something like this for the first ten years of my life after I left college. If I had a chance to relive it, I would start earlier on working on my goals. No one woke me up for a good ten years at least and even then it was circumstances that woke me up.

All the things you consider urgent are rarely important and the important things are rarely urgent. The zone will challenge you, in one way or another.

Life is short and temporary. You need to recognize what is important.  It’s very easy to slide back...and we continue to slide back.

Success is purely individual. It cannot be shared. You have to recognise that this journey you are on is all about you.

Conquering fear  

Zone Firewalk

Embrace your fear: Participants get ready to walk on fire at Zone 2013.

You all wrote down your reasons for wanting to come to the zone. Hopefully these reasons are life changing reasons. In the words of Steve Jobs – it is death that makes life meaningful.

Fear has to be part and parcel of the process for the subconscious to work. The physiological effect to the body comes from the subconscious. Your palms sweat, your mouth goes dry…these are the physiological effects you see. None of us know when a chapter ends in our life. That’s why we need to embrace that fear. We have to let our fears go. Fear can paralyse you or help you take that leap forward.

The earmark of a true champion is focus. Your mind is a very powerful instrument but it’s also a wild stallion that needs to be controlled.  Whatever your target is, you must become one with it.What is the single most important thing to you? For someone you love, what will you not do?

As long as you are willing to pay the price and keep on adapting, adjusting and accommodating, you can do it.

Difference between planning and preparing

Plan, Project, Practice, Persevere, Persist.

Life is the best teacher of all. Invariably life knows how to get to you when everything else fails.  Ultimately something, somewhere always hits us right in between the eyes. It is the part and parcel of what we go through. But in some of our cases, it totally devastates us. You have to find a balance between your interaction with your target and knowing what is going on around you. You are going to have to understand that life has its own way of teaching us lessons. There are all kinds of ways that pain hits you.

The urgent things in life will not take you to success, it’s the important things that do.