There are many ways to be passionate.  But to be truly passionate one also has to be detached. Passion must ride you, drive you and it is in fact the primary emotion of ‘I Can’. ‘I Can’ is where it becomes Passion. ‘I AM’ is reflected in perspective. ‘I Want’ is also conceptual, almost dreamlike. ‘I Can’ is where it comes back into practice and it’s the first step forward.

Until that moment, the fear of everything that lies ahead paralyses you. ‘I CAN’ is about passion.

Passion is critical. But how do you raise it? How intense are we about passion? This is what we have to discover.

You are on one hand creating a team and on the other hand you are also driving it. I need you to be that person who can create passion wherever you go, who can raise it from the ground.  There are other people out there doing this thing.

I need you to understand that you are worthy of being here, because you have a position where people look up to you. You have the capacity and the potential.
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